Ultra 1 Home Care Program

Neuropathy Recovery
In The Comfort Of Your Home

If you’re like most people suffering with neuropathy, you’re tired of taking medications that don’t work and ….

You’re Looking for a Solution to Repair Your Nerves and 

Get Much Needed Relief!

Well, there’s good news. Our Neuropathy Home Care Program can help you recover in the comfort of your home, while your care is managed by two leading neuropathy experts, Dr. John Coppola & Dr. Valerie Monteiro.

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The home care program is designed to mimic our in-office treatment protocol for peripheral neuropathy - of all types. Our “Home Care Program” is being used by neuropathy sufferers, successfully throughout the United States and Internationally; furthermore, it has provided tremendous relief and hope for hundreds of people who would otherwise continue to deteriorate.

Program Curriculum / General Info

  • 16 weeks of medical supervision (active care)
  • Virtual consults will be held every two weeks for Q & A and to address questions, concerns, or challenges
  • 6 months maintenance care supervision*
  • The Ultra Laser has a 3 year warranty. The laser will be used for nerve recovery and maintenance

Who's A Good Candidate For The Home Care Program:

  • Anyone diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy
  • People who are beginning to lose their balance
  • People losing feeling in the feet or hands
  • Anyone experiencing burning, numbness, tingling, cramping or sharp shooting pain (feet/legs or hands/arms
  • People tired of taking medications such as Gabapentin, Lyrica, Cymbalta or Tramadol
  • Anyone who's been told they just need to learn to live with their neuropathy

* Maintenance Care consists of answering questions, or troubleshooting the original condition via emails or brief telephone calls.

The Following Items Are Included In The “Home Care Program”.

  • 1 Ultra Laser Device
  • 2 NUPHORIA cm Blue 
  • 2 NUPHORIA cm Gold
  • 1 Rapid Relief Pain Cream
  • Online Instructional Video
  • Home Exercises
  • 1 Defeat Neuropathy Now Book 
  • 16 Week Video Series (Online - 1 video per week)
  • Free Shipping within the Continental U.S.A.

For detailed instructions please watch online instructional video.